Israel (itinerary)
March (1)
Bahá'í-gardens, shrine of the Bab
Mount of Olives (cemetery hill)
Dead Sea beach
Bill and Lavonne Mestman at Akko
Orthodox jews
Ein Gedi oasis
Akko, old wall from Crusader time
Thora school at Western Wall plaza
Kfar Hanokdim Bedouin oasis in Judean desert
Tiberias, Lake of Galilea
Western Wall (Wall of lamentations)
desert activity
praying wall of lamentations (Klaagmuur)
river Jordan
city of David (escavations), southeast of Old City
Masada, desert mesa (symbol for modernJewish state)
mount Tabor (site of the Transfiguration)
city view from Mount of Olives (golden dome Al-Aqsa mosque) at Temple Mount
western palice at Masada
old centre of Nazareth
Kidron valley (looking in the direction of Bethlehem)
Davidstreet (old city of Jerusalem)
Jaffa Gate (western wall)
Tel Aviv beach
Lionsgate (east gate to mount Zion)
camels (Negev desert)
Meditirenean Sea at Tel Aviv
donkeys everywhere?
Dead Sea
now we go!
the end