Highlights in 2009:

Skating (Loosdrechtse plassen)
skating in Loosdrecht Wall of lamentation (Jerusalem) KNMI visits Meteo Consult

Letty's home visit Queensday in Amsterdam Frank is going for a motorcycle tour (Martijn is owner) Eumetsat Headquaters Germany (business trip)

ECMWF (UK) - business trip 30th aniversary Frank&Anke d'Aertrycke Castle (Belgium) Grandma new location (Amerhorst)  

WMO Headquaters - business visit
city of Geneve Good Bye Soesterberg Closure of Soesterberg military airport  

DMI (Denmark) meteorological instiute - business trip downtown Copenhagen sailing in Loosdrecht KNMI sailing crew mades  

farming in Texas Texas A&M football stadium: kyle Field